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Wedding photographer help needed

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Hello everybody, I am getting married in less than twelve weeks now, I decided not to book a photographer as I didn't think it was in my budget, now I'm starting to panic that this is a very bad idea and perhaps I should be getting one? 
I am getting married at the chapel of flowers

Re: Wedding photographer help needed

  • I'm pretty sure they don't allow outside photographers at that chapel, but you'll have their photographer for the ceremony.  Are there specific things you would want a professional photographer to take photos of on your wedding day?  If you think back to someone else's albums or have specific ideas of your own that you really want to have photos of for yourself, maybe you should look at a photographer.  If not, you might prefer to give people those disposables or be OK with what friends and family take that day.  Everyone has a cell phone and takes pictures and videos nowadays.

    That said, it is a one-time deal and you should feel sure of your decision either way.

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    I STRONGLY recommend a photographer. How often do you go back in your photos on your phone, Facebook, photo album, and look at memories? Even if you're not someone with a photographic memory, its for those who weren't there, too.

    Honestly, a photographer was my #1 concern when it came to getting married. I didn't care so much about the ceremony photos, but I cared about doing portraits. My family cared about the cheesy family photos and the getting ready shots. I am a person who can't remember anything without being visually reminded.

    I recommend reaching out to Patricia @ Petunia Blum Photography, at least to do some early photos, etc. She's extremely affordable and could probably easily work with your budget if you choose to make the leap!
  • Definitely recommend having a photographer, we used Todd from Bently and Wilson and he was fantastic.
  • @HayleyMarie , I booked Bently and Wilson too!  How did the photos turn out?  Did you do the Strip Tour?
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