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Wedding for the homeless?

apollymiapollymi Toronto
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What do you guys think of this?


I think it's kind of crazy her ex-fiance footed the majority of the bill but she's the one who got to go... And she certainly seems to be taking credit for it  :/ Bit AWish to me.. I suppose he did agree to it.

Re: Wedding for the homeless?

  • Meh. I think it was a nice gesture, but the press coverage makes it feel patronizing and AWish. 
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake
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    I believe I heard of something just like this in another state a couple years back. 

    When things make the news it's hard to accuse someone of being AWish or not, because the definition of news is something out of the ordinary or highly concerning. Last-minute wedding cancellations are probably fairly rare, but donating what would otherwise be completely wasted is certainly something you don't hear of every day. I'd like to doubt she called the news herself- maybe the shelter who arranged the invites (I'd assume that'd be the logistic) was so surprised and happy that they contacted the news. It's a great feel-good story that news outlets love especially with all the other hard news to be reported. 

    I'd like to think if my wedding was cancelled last minute that I would have asked my venue to donate the food. Probably couldn't have gone through with an entire dinner party, but if the food was paid for by me or my ex, then I / my ex should have a say in who eats the food. 


  • I kind of love it. She ran it by the ex-FI and family, contacted local places, and did a good thing. Doesn't sound like she contacted the media or posted it about it. Sometimes things like this just get out. No side eye from me. 
  • apollymiapollymi Toronto
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    Agree, I think it was awesome that she and her ex did this. I'd like to think that my FI and I could come together and do this as well if (heaven forbid) this ever happened to us, however, I wouldn't actually go to the party, and be involved with the press, taking pictures, etc. She mentioned it's too painful to think about what she's going to do with her dress, but I think it'd be more painful to sit through an event that was supposed to be my wedding.
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston
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    edited July 2017
    I think it was a nice gesture.
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