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Wow! It's been so long since I posted on here. Happily married for 4 years in September! (PS for all Snarky Brides - I took a minute to read thru some of my previous posts while I was engaged and oh my - I was a real brat)

Wanted to post since I can always count on you all for honest advice.

A friend is having a Bachelorette party this week and has requested that all of her guests wear sequins for her Sex & the City themed bachelorette. I'm not huge in to sequins but I do have one sequined dress - but it's white. I'd prefer not to buy something new that I'm not likely to wear again, but I know it's probably in poor taste to show up in a white sequin party dress.

I also have a pair of gold glittery pumps - not exactly sequins, but may pass the test.

Tl;dr - Bride wants everyone to wear sequins. Options are: wear white, wear glittery non-sequin shoes and call it a day, go buy something new I'll never wear again.

Re: XP Bachelorette Party Attire

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    CMGragainCMGragain member
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    Welcome back!   OK, the BRIDE is requesting specific attire for her own bachelorette party?  Wow!  The bride should not be planning her own party.  This is way out of line.  If you really want to go to this, go to a party store and buy a sequinned headband.  Pin a fake flower on your dress.  (Remember those?)  I hope it is a fun party, but this is really bad etiquette on the bride's part!
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    First of all: NO ONE looks good in sequin. Unless you're going for a very specific dance-recital look, it's just not flattering. 

    I think wearing white would probably be a terrible idea with this crowd: if they're dictating attire, you know there's going to be unnecessary drama about the bride wearing white.

    I'd personally "forget" and go for something with some sparkle but not sequin. Or do as @CMGragain said and get sequin accessories. Maybe these:

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    I agree that it sounds like she's the type to be pissed if someone else wore white. I like the idea of accessorizing with sequins. Maybe some jewelry? 
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    Agree the bride is being rude.

    But maybe a sequined tank top or shirt with a cute skirt or pants.  I'd imagine you could find something like that for pretty cheap though, granted, it would still be $10-$20 spent on an item you wouldn't wear again.

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    ei34ei34 member
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    I'd wear whatever I would normally wear on a night out on the town and accessorize with a sequined clutch or hair clip or something.  The bride sounds silly enough to not want anyone wearing white  :#
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    The bride shouldn't be requesting a dress code for her own bp, but...

    I have encountered enough bps, at the casinos, to know that the bride 2 be wearing white is a thing. I wouldn't wear an all white outfit to a bp. Wear whatever you normally would wear, bling it up if you're comfortable doing that. 
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