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New York-Long Island

Proline or Sherwood Photographers?

Hello to all L.I. brides. I was wondering if anyone was usingor used  either Proline photographers or Sherwood Triart for their wedding and which one would you recommend if any. I am torn between the two. Thanks to all!

Re: Proline or Sherwood Photographers?

  • KED11KED11 member
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    Hi! I was in 2 weddings that used proline and the pictures were just ok...nothing special at all. My sister used Monica from Antique Honey and I also have booked with her. I feel in love with Monica and her of making people happy. Good luck.

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    I saw Sherwood at the bridal event in June at the Manor and they were very pricy.  We booked a different photographer that they did not recommend but my friend highly recommended them.
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  • JoAnne1027JoAnne1027 member
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    From what I see on their websites, I'm not surprised Sherwood Triart costs more, their photography looks much better. 
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    Both of these  guys are WAY   over priced.

    I've    had  friends  use

    Patken   out of lindenhurst.    but  they don;t always  send the photographer you request. ( They  have like  3  or  4  guys they  rotate... )


    MLG Photography  ( Deer Park ?? )

    Heard this last guy is Amazing.. and since he is new to the area  is prices are exceptional.

  • isadiisadi member
    edited December 2011
    I visited Proline and left with a absolutley not feeling.  Their work does NOT add up to their prices.  I went to 3 othet photographers before I went to Proline and their work was amazing and a little less expensive then Proline.  I was not impressed with any work they showed me.  Check out Dejavue in Mineola, right around the corner from Jericho Terrace.  
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    My photographer was between 1500 and 4000. We were amazingly happy with him. He shot our wedding and another friends. Worth shopping around as long as possible. He was rated best of 2010 on onewed.com Red Sweatshirt Photography http://www.theredsweatshirt.com He really seems like he loves doing what he's doing.
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    We just booked Red Sweatshirt Photography! Awesome, young, and affordable! I'm so glad that we have this taken care of now and ont have to worry about getting a photographer. Check him out for sure!
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