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Declines are really bumming me out

My wedding is a month away and my reply by date is the first of August. So many replies are still out! I'm so bummed because I cut people I have known for half my life for the people at me and my fiancés, work (we work together). With spouses or quests it was 26 people invited, 3 yes' 6 waiting on 17 no's! I'm so upset with myself that I invited so many people from work because you dont want anyone's feelings hurt so it kept growing and taking away from people I would have most definately have rather had spend my wedding day with. I'm hurt, I'm angry and it sounds terrible but I wasted invitations on these people. My number for the venue was topped off so I couldn't even had invited more if I wanted to. My missing responses don't even have the decency to respond "declines" quickly to open up spots for others we couldn't fit in. I'm so bewildered.

Re: Declines are really bumming me out

  •  I am so sorry to hear that :(. I got a little confused: are you still waiting on 6? Have you gotten responses from the 17 saying that they are definitely not coming? And if that is the case, can you find others that can replace them asap???

     ~ K

  • That really stinks! Sorry to hear about that. You would think that people you spend every day working and chatting with would have the decency to at least respond promptly. And it's going to make going to work more aggravating and uncomfortable now. Why would they even do that???!!! At least you know the people who WILL be attending are the ones who truly care about you and your day will be fantastic despite this minor setback!!!!!! Good luck! 
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