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Very inexpensive catering for Truro!

Hi! So I KNOW this has to be possible...
we want a buffet style (serve yourself) set up. 10 or so different dishes. No serving, no sit down dinner. We would even be more than happy to just place a huge take out order at a market or something, but that route entails getting someone in the wedding party to set up and clean up. That's a no go.

I'm getting quotes at $50-$60/head, just for prepared food. There has to be a creative alternative! Anyone? 

I was even thinking of going on Craigslist and looking for a self employed person to just hire to set up the food we have delivered, and then clean up, and maybe have liquor insurance, but I haven't found a single thing on that route. 

We're really NOT ready to give in.... any and all advice or recommendations are welcome!

Re: Very inexpensive catering for Truro!

  • Has your wedding already passed? I found going off cape was the only way to get a reasonable caterer. Jordan's catering, pizza barbone, and all of the bbq places are more like  $30/head. Simply black and white catering is around that price as well. 
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