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Help me pick my photographer!

Here’s where I’m at: I’ve already booked #1 for $3800 but #2 is $2500. I would lose $300 (non-refundable deposit) but I would save $1000 in the long run.

 Option 1:

 Comes with 4 hour photobooth, 1 videographer, 2 photographers for 3.5 hours and then just 1 for the rest of the day. This second photographer would cover getting ready, ceremony, and then 1 hour of photos.

 Option 2:

 Comes with 3 hour photobooth, 2 videographers, 2 photographers for 7 hours, and a wedding album.

 Both come with digital releases to all photos and copies of the photobooth pictures. Our reception is for 4 hours. 6-10. Dinner will be for an hour. Do people do photobooth during dinner?

 Also, photography is huge for me. So I’m having a really hard time making a decision!

Re: Help me pick my photographer!

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    I would go with option 2, people won't mind a 3 hour photobooth vs a 4 hour photobooth and since you have 2 photographers for the whole time there is a better chance to get more shots of the event itself. Wedding albums are also expensive its included. 

    As long as you feel their quality of photos are comparable I would go with the above. 
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    I agree with PP. I'd go with #2. Having 2 videographers and 2 photographers is nice to have throughout the entire event. Plus it's less expensive and you get an album. However, the two photographers you posted have different styles, so I guess it depends on which style you prefer especially since photography is big for you. Regarding the photo booth, if the dinner is starting right away at 6 pm, I would say you could wait on the photo booth until after dinner. If the dinner isn't starting until later, then maybe having the photo booth while people wait would be nice. Just my opinion. But I certainly wouldn't pay $1,000 just for an extra hour of photo booth. 
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