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Hoping some RD's are on here. 
Looking through a general wedding timeline I found I saw "start skin diet." 
I have always believed "you are what you eat" and food should be your medicine. "Good live proteins make good dead proteins" (hair/nails)
I don't have any major skin problems in general (occasional break out..especially when I'm lazy about taking my make up off) and would say I have "normal" skin.

But what would be "good skin foods" be exactly?  
What foods do y'all recommend eating and NOT eating before wedding. 



Re: Skin Diet

  • I think it is going to be different for everyone person but I'm not really sure what a skin diet is. I'm skeptical of any wedding diet because they usually aren't sustainable and are rarely good for a person's metabolism. Generally speaking, eat whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, drink lots of water and reduce consumption of packaged foods and fast food items.
  • I know my skin looks its best when I'm drinking a lot of water. So, drink water. Avoid processed foods and sodium. 
  • You're looking for suggestions on foods (good and bad) that affect your skin right? Drink lots of water, cut down/out refined sugars, cut down on greasy/fried foods; focus on fresh/not processed fruits and veggies. 

    Water is key. For me skincare is one thing I'll splurge on (good face wash and makeup and quality moisturizer with sunscreen) to make sure I'm getting what is right for my skin type. 
  • I had awful acne that persisted into adulthood. Once I started cutting out dairy, I noticed a huge difference. I can also tell my skin looks worse when I eat a lot of sugar or processed foods. I've heard those two things from a few other people, but really it kind of depends on the person. Overall, more whole foods, less processed junk & a ton of water.
  • Honestly, if you really want to do this, I would go see a dermatologist so that they can assess your skin and recommend what's best for you personally.

  • I second drinking lots of water and cutting out dairy. I also take a hard look at the types of proteins you were eating and cut back on protein on meat vs. elsewhere or get better quality meat. More veg than fruit, but definitely a diet that consists of a lot of both. 
  • I've been drinking a lot more water than I used to mainly because a few years ago I gave up soda. (and now I can't drink it!! It all tastes like acid to me! Yay for being healthier!!) But ever since I got a desk job (yay!!) 2 years ago I keep a water bottle marked with how much I need to drink every hour to get 2 full bottles in while at work. It's helped a lot with my water intake!! Looking at the clock and seeing, I haven't drank anything in 2 hours!!

    I'm slightly lactose intolerant so their isn't a ton of dairy in my diet to begin with.

    Thanks for the advice ladies!!


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    I have adult acne, for which I see a dermatologist for. There is some evidence to support that dairy and sugar can cause breakouts (related to hormones). Interestingly, it's low fat dairy vs. full fat diary that showed a higher correlation with causing acne (perhaps the sugar aspect?).

    Myself, I didn't find a huge difference when I cut out dairy, but a friend of mine has. But I have been trying to eat less dairy (because I used to consume a fair amount- glass of milk and yogurt cup every day, in addition to milk in my tea and cheese). I do notice sugar has an effect.

    Lots of water.

    Otherwise, I really don't think there is a true skin diet- just healthy eating!
  • I know my skin looks its best when I'm drinking a lot of water. So, drink water. Avoid processed foods and sodium. 
    Hahaa, it's also my way to keep the skin healthy. And it really works.
  • My diet was created by a doctor. Now I don't consume sugar and dairy products. At first I didn't observe the effect, but after a month I saw that there were much fewer rashes on the face and back. (and my period is now painless!!). There was such lightness in the stomach too. I think this is due to the elimination of sugar from the diet. In parallel, from the diet, I have prescribed a treatment with supplements. Every day I take vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C (I ordered from Amazon), glutathione in capsules and use a cream with glutathione (I bought them on the manufacturer website) in order to disappear spots after acne.
    I advise everyone to cut or reduce their sugar intake. In any case, it will make you healthier, perhaps this will be the solution to some problem.
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