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My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this September by going on an Alaskan cruise!  We're from Indiana, so I don't really know much about Alaska other than it's beautiful and I'm very much looking forward to our trip!  I thought it'd be neat to surprise my husband with a photo shoot of the two of us at one of the ports our cruise ship stops at!  The one we'll be at for the longest period of time is Skagway, so that location just made the most sense to me to have the shoot at.... but I can't seem to find any photographers I like in Skagway.  So on to option #2!... We'll be flying into Seattle a couple days before our ship leaves the port, so I thought that Seattle would be a great location option too!  Are there any amazing photographers in the area that anyone would recommend?!  As far as style goes, I'm thinking an engagement type session with an artsy and photojournalistic style.  Thanks for your help!

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    This is an international board. I'm going to move this to the Seattle board so you can get people familiar with local vendors. You can also search vendors/photographers on The Knot and see what people have said about them.

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