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I'm getting married on September 22 & my first fitting is next Thursday. As always, I waited until the last minute. I already got my belt and I'm ordering my shoes, but I'm wondering if anyone had opinions on jewelry! I've attached pictures of my belt and shoes here. I'm thinking pearl studs for earrings. (I currently have closed holes in my ears, so thinking studs have to be what I go with). ALSO, I've attached my dress so you can get an idea of what it looks like. I'm seeing a lot of strapless dresses with no necklaces, which I sort of like also. So I may go bare there. I don't really love chunky jewelry, just FYI.

As far as a veil, my friend lent me hers as my "something borrowed" but I'm second guessing it because it's a two tier one and I kind of want to accentuate the back of my dress and also go without the veil. Thinking maybe just a hair piece!! Thoughts?!?! 


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