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Name change... what comes first?

Hi all! I'm getting legally married tomorrow, with our ceremony to follow in September. I'd like to get the name change process moving, but am not totally sure about the best order.

I'm in process of transfering an out of state license, so will need to go back for a name change after the wedding. However, I've heard mixed advice on whether or not I need to change my name with the Social Security Administration first. I spoke to the DMV, and they just said that I don't need the SS card.

Tricky part is, my temporary license has the wrong birthday, so I need to change that too! I'd rather get my license all set first to be sure that's taken care of (especially because my honeymoon flights are under my married name), but don't want to show up and get turned away because the SS hasn't been updated.

Any advice??

Re: Name change... what comes first?

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    When you are leaving for your honeymoon?? This could be a major problem if you're leaving right after your wedding. 

    I first needed to wait for our marriage certificate to come back to us. It took about two weeks. I then took that to SS. Once I received my new SS card, I took that and the marriage cert to the DMV. 
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    if you walk your license in, you get certificate same day.
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