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Hair & Makeup in Palm Springs CA Area

I am seeking hair and make up services for my wedding on 11-04-17. Wedding will be in Bermuda Dunes,CA. I am having trouble finding affordable hair & makeup vendors. Any recommendations? 

Re: Hair & Makeup in Palm Springs CA Area

  • This is an international board.  The majority of us would have no idea who to recommend.  You should repost this on your local California boards. 

    Often, if you are asking for hair and make up services in a hotel, the cost will be a bit more than going to a salon.  There will often be minimum requirements as well.

    If you are looking for yourself, consider going to make up stores such as Sephora or Ulta.  They will often do make up for free if you buy some products.  Our local MAC store maintains a bulletin board where people can post "wanted" signs.  The MUA's then pick up these extra side jobs.

    @hellohkb, is it possible to move this post for this new Knottie#?
  • Thank you! I'll repost at a local board.
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