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How long can I go before changing my name at the DMV, after I changed it at Social Security?

Hi all! Just got married July 30th 2017. Changed my name at social security on August 7th. I had intentions of doing it the same day but the man at the SSA office told me to wait at least 48 hours. Online I've been reading that I have 10 days to change my name at the DMV. I can't do it within the 10 day time frame because of work - I have to work my normal Monday off to cover for someone in addition to my regular work week. The closest local DMV is 30 min away and they don't do appointments for name changes other wise I'd go before work. I work normally 9am-6pm but this Monday will be an 8am-5pm shift. I hope what I'm typing makes sense!! I had full intentions of going this Monday August 14th to stay within the 10 day period but like I said I have to work.

TL;DR: Monday-Saturday I'll be at work during DMV hours, can't make an appointment, the DMV is so far away that I can't really just "stop by" and see how busy it is. From a legal standpoint is it ok to go past that 10 day period?
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