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Ketubah and Vows - How are they different?

My fiance and I have a Ketubah we wrote ourselves, and plan to read and sign at our ceremony. However, I would also like to have vows that are separate (as this is a Christian tradition). In my mind, this will be an opportunity to write something more personal and have it be surprise, but I am having trouble articulating how I want them to be different, as our Ketubah is essentially vows.

Did anyone have a Ketubah and vows, and if so, how were they distinct from each other?

Re: Ketubah and Vows - How are they different?

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    The ketubah is a Jewish legal contract in which each party agrees that they are taking each other as their spouse according to Jewish law. It sets forth that they are doing so voluntarily.

    The ceremony consists of reading the ketubah, seven blessings, legal wording for the jurisdiction and breaking the glass. I think what you have in mind as "vows" already is covered in a Jewish wedding ceremony, but you can make personal promises to each other by way of customizing the ceremony. Many couples do. But you should discuss that with your officiant.
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    I am having a Jewish ceremony but my fiancé is atheist so we're plannning on doing a secular/humanist ketubah and writing our own vows (our wedding rabbi suggested this).

    Are you designing the ketubah yourselves?
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