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Chicago White Sox - foul ball steal

I'm not a sox fan but this was all over my feed.  This lady is cray cray.  See the smirk on her face?  And she laughs after it.  Some people truly feel entitled.

I love that this guy handled himself so well (probably out of shock) and got a signed baseball out of it! 

Re: Chicago White Sox - foul ball steal

  • Wow, she even looks at it like "My preciousssssss" what a B.
  • And it's just a foul ball!  I could maybe sympathize for wanting to have a home run ball (not that it would justify her douchey behavior).  But a foul ball?  Good grief.

    I'm going to the Astros game tonight.  I better not see that crap.
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    Omg!! Beyond messed up!  Total breach of baseball fan etiquette.  Like if that was a wedding, she would've just had a cash bar.
  • eileenrob said:
    Omg!! Beyond messed up!  Total breach of baseball fan etiquette.  Like if that was a wedding, she would've just had a cash bar.
    More like if that was a wedding she pulled the caught bouquet from another single female. 

  • I joke with H all the time that I would fight a small child for a foul ball (not really) but holy crap this woman is awful. Not only is her behavior atrocious, the look on her face after is worse. She has zero shame. Glad the guy she took it from got a signed ball out of it! He was incredibly calm considering the situation.
  • Oh my gosh, that entitled look on her face says it all. At least it got caught on TV so everyone who knows her now knows how awful she is.
  • These kinds of stories creep up every so often.  I find this one waaaaaay worse.  @cupcait927 this one's for you:

  • yeah, how is that little girl supposed to learn not to steal? 

  • @Ro041 That poor girl! 
  • This kind of thing makes me grateful for the internet. Now if someone pulls some garbage behavior like this, they're shamed for it and their face is plastered everywhere. Like, the video Ro041 posted, that woman will forever be the biatch who stole a baseball from a child. Nice 5 minutes of fame. 
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  • On a lighter note, you can follow the Twitter of our mascot, Orbit, to see what went down at the Astros game last night between Orbit & the Nationals' sideline reporter .....
  • There was a Saints game last year where a player who had just made a TD and tossed the ball to a specific guy in the stands.  A lady near him reached over and grabbed it from him.  The whole stadium booed at her.  Similarly, the player who originally tossed the ball, signed another one and gave it to the guy.

    @Ro041, now that is a monster right there!   

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