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5000 budget on wedding

Okay I really need help if anybody knows any cheap venues I don't want to get carried away ! I know nothing about this the wedding is in two years everything is so expensive ?? I don't think we can do it. I can't find any diy catering halls or venues,bc that would help me a lot if I could bring food bc everyone in my family cooks.That is the main problem food !! maybe it's me the date is July 20 2019 a Saturday I hear the prices are more but if I move it I Sunday some people will complain about missing church. My gosh I'm catching serious anxiety I know your supposed to hire someone to do this for you , but why when I am capable of looking into things myself. If there's anybody who knows good places feel free to reach out

Re: 5000 budget on wedding

  • We're also on a shoestring budget. Our venue is Bat Haus in Bushwick, half a block from the L train. It's $2650 (50% deposit up front) and you have the day to set up. Not sure how big your guest list will be but you can do almost 100 there. The owner mainly does events on Saturdays anyway (it's a coworking space Mon-Fri), so there is no price gauging for weekends like at other venues. You can bring in your own food. There's a small backyard, and also an upstairs where the wedding party can get ready. It's a rustic local charm kind of place. Since you're date is a year and a half away, you have some time to save up for the remaining expenses.
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