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Guests Not Invited Made Big Stink, Now They Know The Feeling

I had decided not to invite my dad's brothers kids (my cousins) to my wedding. There were a few that I wanted to invite but wasn't comfortable inviting all of them and I knew I would have to invite all or none. I'm also not that close with them. The few that I had wanted to invite made a big stink out of it and started posting negative comments on other family members pictures that they had posted on FB of my wedding day.

Now, one of them is getting married to which I RSVP'd yes to. She and her sister just recently had FB posts stating that "it's her wedding day, they're tired of hearing about who was or wasn't invited and to keep the drama to yourselves" in reference to not inviting some of their family.

This is so hypercritical, do I say something? Do I go to the wedding?

Re: Guests Not Invited Made Big Stink, Now They Know The Feeling

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    It is hypocritical, but I would not say anything unless you want to burn the bridge of this relationship. As to whether or not you attend the wedding is your choice, but I would simply RSVP- you don't need to make a scene out of it either way.

    Yes, it was super inappropriate for your cousins to write negative comments on your wedding photos, but this only makes your cousins look bad, not you. But if you start doing the same, it all becomes one big pot of drama.

  • Oh honey - this one's worthy of pouring yourself a favorite beverage and chomping on some popcorn - Because this one's going to be fun to sit back and watch without saying a word!!!
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  • Honestly? It was super rude of them to post negative comments on your Facebook, but it sounds like cousin who invited you is trying to put the drama, or hurt feelings aside, and move on. You can choose to go or not that's up to you, but sounds like she's inviting you an extending an olive branch here, so why not take it?
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    Hypocritical?    Maybe, but as adults most of us mature with age. Even if it's a short time later they see the light.

      Most people at some point in their lives think one thing, but once they are actually in the situation they change their minds.    It's pretty common and part of life.

    I wouldn't waste my time thinking about this.   They have seen the light.  You do not have to invite everyone.  Heck,  you were the pioneer to set the standard for the rest of the family weddings.  Had you invited everyone, the more than likely would have had also.    

    Just go to the wedding and not think about something so petty.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Nothing is more childish and annoying than "I told you so" or "see?!"

    What exactly would you expect to get out of this?

  • Honestly, what would you say? The best option is to say nothing, attend if you want, and show that you're classier than whoever is talking crap.
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