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HELP! 1 month out and dress does not zip!

So I have a month to go. I go to see my seamstress on Thursday and my dress won't zip all the way? Can it be let out? I really do not want a corset back! :( 

Re: HELP! 1 month out and dress does not zip!

  • That looks about 2 sizes too small. Even if you stopped eating today, it probably wouldn't zip by the wedding. And dresses only usually have about 1/2 inch extra fabric to be let out, which won't solve your problem. 

    You may have to talk to the seamstress about sewing in a panel or changing the style of the back to a corset. Both of these will likely require significant work and hours so be prepared to pony up the money and take the dress in very soon to allow enough time. 

    Lace panel (I can't find exactly what I'm looking for but creating a V in the back and adding lace) 
    Image result for lace back wedding dress

    Corset style:
    Image result for lace panel back wedding dress

    If you don't like what the seamstress tells you, you may have time to find an "off the rack" dress at a bridal shop. Sorry this happening to you. Good luck!

  • I'm curious if you intentionally ordered it too small?  I know many brides are tempted to do this, but I hope that was not the case here.

    As @southernbelle0915 said, it's unlikely there is enough fabric to be let out.  If you are really opposed to a corset back (do you just hate the look?) then I think the lace would be a lovely option based on the somewhat limited photo of the dress.  However, either of these will take time and definitely incur a cost.

    Check for bridal consignment shops in your area if you decide to get a different dress altogether.  Since the summer is almost over, it's likely there are lots of beautiful new dresses available from weddings in June and July.
  • I think your best option would be for an insert. A seamstress should be able to add one. You could also do a modified corset lace up with just having the lacing for the last few inches that won't do up.
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    What undergarments did you wear at the fitting?  Can you go without a bra?  Does that offer any relief at all?
  • I'm interested if you had it taken in or not and if this is an error on the part of the seamstress. 
    Also, it's hard to know what can be done with out seeing the inside (construction) of the dress. you might be able to take it out of all the seams in the dress but it's not clear that that will be enough.
    Like MobKaz said a different bra can make a difference. 
    I think the lace on the top would be the best option

    Ask the seamstress what she suggests. You can go to a couple and get different options but it's impossible to give you a proper response without seeing the inside of the dress.
  • We would have to see the seam allowance to be able to tell you if it could potentially be let out.

    I will say, as someone who is far from a professional seamstress but has sewed clothing and altered both non-commercially- and commercially-made clothing, I would be shocked if there is enough seam allowance to let the dress out enough. 

    You would need three inches or more of extra fabric, it looks like to me. In my experience, non-commercially made clothing typically has 5/8" if not trimmed, so that would give you a max of not even an inch and a half extra. And that's non-commercially-made clothing. Most commercial clothing has even smaller seam allowances, in my experience. 

    And that looks like way too much to be made up by going braless. 

    You are probably going to need a corset back or lace added or the back lowered or something, in sorry to tell you. 

    How did the dress end up that small? If the shop measured you and told you to buy x size, you may have some recourse to get some money back or exchange for something else. 
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    You don't want a corset back - and that's o.k.  You're going to however need a different dress to wear because even the best case scenario of diet and exercise isn't going to change the fact this dress is multiple sizes too small and there isn't remotely enough fabric to just let it out as even the area that is zipped up is too taut.  Corset or insert back really is your best option if you want to wear this dress specifically.  With an insert, you could have your seamstress get incredibly creative so it doesn't LOOK like a corset back.

    As much as I'd love to sugar coat it, knowing what I do about bodybuilding, one month isn't enough to make that much change in a healthy way from zero.  Now, three months out, different story, but looking at your rib cage now, this dress isn't going to cooperate for you even if you did something drastic.  Dropping weight in the unhealthy way IS NOT worth it to your long-term health and it's not going to change this much size difference in all the right places in that short of time.  

    Time for an off-the-rack dress or accept the fate of the limited alterations options (I'd opt for a panel myself for ease of in/out if your heart is set on THIS dress.
  • Let us know how,things went with the seamstress. I have been thinking about you and hoping things worked out well.
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