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I was just wondering if 2018 Month boards would be added eventually or if those type of things have just kind of died out? I'm looking to be more active but not sure where to start and that would be a nice place!

Re: 2018 Month Boards

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    The Knot administrators have abandoned their website.  There is an active community of lovely people on some of the international boards, particularly Chit Chat, Etiquette, Wedding Woes, and Mom's and Maids.  There is an awesome mix of engaged, newly married, formerly engaged, formerly married, and OMH's (old married hags) on these boards.  Introduce yourself and take the plunge! 
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    @MobKaz awesome! Is there one in particular where I should intro? I've been lurking around for a while and I don't see a lot of intros!
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    @MRDCle, If you want, you can start an intro or getting to know you (GTKY) post on Chit Chat or the Just Engaged boards.   Otherwise, you can just start responding to posts and we will get to know you from your POV.

    For example, if someone posts about their cash bar (tacky), I might respond, "Please don't use budget as an excuse to be a poor hostess.  Host what best fits your budget without being rude and impolite to your guests by asking them to open their wallets at your wedding".    You could respond to my post by saying, "I'm a lurker and first time poster.  I agree with @MobKaz.  At our wedding, we......"

    Welcome!  For the record, I am one of the OMH's who has been both a MOB and MOG, and joined the boards to learn how current weddings now differ from when I was a bride (this is mostly a good thing) in an effort to help my kids in their wedding planning. 
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    @MobKaz thanks so much! I did an intro! Nice to "meet" you!
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