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Help picking wedding band style!

Hi all! I'm getting married October 2018, so I have some time to think about this, but I wanted input from others before revisiting the jeweler. Attached is my engagement ring and I'm having a hard time finding a band that would look good. I tried on a thin wedding band that had diamonds on it, and it just kind of got lost because the setting of the engagement ring is high and kind of big - you could barely see the wedding band. I don't really want something big and chunky - what do you guys think would look good!?

Re: Help picking wedding band style!

  • I am always a fan of the classic, simple plain gold band.  It won't compete with your fantastic engagement ring, and it is nice to have something plain and simple when traveling.
  • Minimal might work best or you need to work with your jeweler to match (likely a custom piece)...  The minimalist one is nice because there are those times when you want a ring on but don't necessarily want your E-ring because of bulkiness.  OTOH, if you'r having your rings soldered together, I'd have a matching row done then for your 10 or 25 year have another one made for the other side.  

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