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reception help and ideas

We are planning to have around 30-40 people (June-July 2018). I have been looking at all of the info and trying to find out what will hold 40 people. I also want to do my own thing when it comes to the food would like to do finger foods. If anyone can help me with this that would be great. I am also looking at the spreadsheet on here...

options for wedding are Tropicana, Chapel of Flowers, and Platinum Hotel if they ever email me back. Thanks 

Re: reception help and ideas

  • Where are you doing your ceremony?

    Have you considered party bus, or in-suite reception? We did in-suite ceremony and reception, and it was incredible!
  • I have just started looking into the in-suite reception and some of them you can even get married in so im thinking about that. I would like to keep the price down. 
  • We did ceremony and reception all independently (not telling the hotel what we were doing.) Excluding travel but including gratuity, our wedding was about 5K USD.
  • ok thanks. do you have any pictures 
  • You can find links to my reviews on :) I've posted photos from my scouting trips as well as my wedding & portraits on the strip, but they're scattered based on posts by vendor.
  • ok thanks I will try to find the info 
  • If you don't have a large budget, those options can get pricey in my opinion.  Try looking into renting a space/suite/garden and hiring a caterer instead.  Save lots o money!
  • We were on a very low budget and got the lowest wedding package price at Paris, and then rented out a suite for the reception. We picked up finger foods, drinks, and even our cake from Sams Club. It ended up being a wonderful reception and fit our 20 guests comfortably, maybe if you could get two connecting rooms? 
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