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Feeling sick

My sister's wedding is tomorrow and I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat and stuffy nose. I'm afraid that by tomorrow I'll be in the stage where it's difficult to get out of bed. 

What at should I do to power through?

As an added complication, I have a 6 month old and the wedding is a DW, so we are currently in the UK. (I'm from the states). 

Re: Feeling sick

  • Load up on Emergen-C, drink lots of water and tea, go to a pharmacy and ask what they suggest as far as congestion meds.
  • What everyone else said; pharmacy, rest as much as you can, have your partner care for the baby. If you're not a tea fan, try just warm water with lemon for the sore throat. 
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    Also, as much as it sucks, don't force yourself to be a hero.  Try to power through the ceremony.  At that point, if you have to call it a day, you miss the food you probably have no taste or appetite for, and the dancing you have no energy for.  Get back to the hotel, sip warm soup and tea, and get as much rest as possible for the trip back to the states. 

    When at the pharmacy, I would also see what they have to help make your flight more comfortable.  I'm a huge believer in smearing Vick's from head to toe!
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    In the UK, Tylenol is called Panadol.  I am so sorry you are dealing with this now.
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    I hope you feel better when you read this in the morning!  <3
  • I'm in the UK and wish i'd seen this yesterday. I hope today is going well.
    After the wedding grab yourself some Lemsip cold and throat (I like the Blackcurrent one personally) you add it to hot water and drink it like tea. Also pick up some Orbis oil put a couple of drops on a hanky or tissue and if you feel yourself getting congested just hold it to your nose for a few seconds and breath in through your nose it should clear up the congestion.

    Good luck hope the weathers nice where you are in the UK because here it's crap.
  • Luckily the wedding went great. But I'm feeling it now (the next day). Adrenaline sure is a thing!

    Thanks everyone!
  • filaw said:
    Luckily the wedding went great. But I'm feeling it now (the next day). Adrenaline sure is a thing!

    Thanks everyone!

    I just read your first post but, phew!  I'm glad you were at least okay for the wedding.  I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your time in the UK.  Or, if you're heading back home soon, at least not feel sick while you're traveling.   Because hours on a plane is miserable enough on its own!
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