Bridemaid with a newborn.

I am in a wedding this weekend and the Grooms brother and FSIL just had a baby 3wks early! The Bride and Groom feel the need to shun the baby from the wedding and say that the baby's grandmother can stay up in the suite with the baby and her dinner will be delivered there! I'm sorrry what!? The grandmother is a guest at the wedding! The baby is 3 wks old and there are 200+ people that are going to be there please someone explain to me why that would be a problem!? It's their nephew!

Re: Bridemaid with a newborn.

  • It sounds to me like she's getting caught up in the idea that FSIL and Brother have wedding party duties that the baby will take away from.  Is she receptive to suggestions? I would personally just ask the couple what their plan is for the night.  I'm sure they're already thought about it anyway.
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