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Help with Cathedral drop veil

Does anyone know how this look was achevied? I am wanting a cathedral length drop veil and I want it to sit flat on my head when it is lifted. Every bridal salon I've talked to either says it can't be done or it will have to have a separate blusher. If any of you have suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!!:)


  • It is hard to tell but, it looks like just a single layer of tulle with a comb sewed on to it. Idk what is done to keep it back when it is back. Buy a piece of tulle from joann's or wherever and play around. I bet you can figure it out 
  • I had a cathedral length veil that layer flat (I didn't use a blusher though) the key for me was having the comb low, almost on the back of my head. 

    It's hard to tell from the photo, but almost looks like it's a complete circle with a small slit opening where it can be pulled back. You could try taking the photo to a bridal store and see if they have similar veils or know who makes it. That way you can look at it more closely and seeing if it's something you could make or they could order. Good luck, it's beautiful. 
  • so its just a round cut piece of english net or silk tulle where its shorter in the front and has a long train in the back. and you can secure it by using a couple of hair pins to pierce through the veil and into your hair so it stays put. Like missJeanLouise said, try going to joanns pick up about 4 yards of fabric and try round cutting it and see how it looks. don't forget to steam with with hot hair as that will make a huge difference in how the fabric lays
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