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How was the weekend?! 

Our 'no plan' weekend turned out pretty damn good. 

Friday, DH and I were bored AF with our 'normal' shit.  I hit up my friend to see what she and her crew were up to.  They weren't busy, so we grabbed some beers and headed to their house to eat pizza and chill.  DefConn had the best time with her girls.  They even played dress up and tried to put on a play.  DefConn, in one costume, was a stormtrooper, the Tin Man, and a race car driver.  ;) 

Saturday, DH and I stayed in bed until 10:30a and it was glorious.  I took DefConn shopping with me.  DH took the kiddo out driving, to the shooting range, and out to lunch.  The kiddo went to a friend's for the night.  FIL and his dog came over for dinner and to spend the night.  We did steaks for dinner and had a fire and s'mores for dessert. 

Sunday, DH took DefConn to his fave donut shop to pick up breakfast. I watched hurricane coverage until I couldn't stand listening to weather people screaming into the mic at Matt and Savannah.  I ended cooking/baking most of the morning.  We watched some football (god, the Colts stunk it up) and just had a super chill day.  

The weather was nothing less than perfect. 

Any FL people around?  I hope y'all stayed safe.  <3 

Re: Mooooonnnnndaaayyy!!

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    yes, I agree @mrsconn23, weather was great here too!

    Saturday H and i went out for breakfast and there was a Harley shop right next to it.  We walked around it.  I realized that maybe MAYBE I would like a new bike (I don't have a license for bikes, he does) but we have to buy it a few years used (still in great shape) and in spring when his car is paid off.

    Sunday, I did start phase one of clean out the garage, especially if we're going to get a bike next spring.  Our scrap metal game is fierce on our street.  I have a huge elliptical and workout bars taking up space in my garage. My friend was going to take the elliptical off my hands (I lost* the plug for it, but it still works manually) but she finally said they'd never get a truck for it, so we put it on our curb.  In 1.5 hours - they were GONE.  So now, this weekend, I have to clean and organize the garage now that there's more room.

    H and I also did some geocaching in our area.  He used to LOVE it and stopped doing it for years, so we downloaded the app and went out.  It's really not my cup of tea but since H is showing interest in what I like to do (ghost hunting) I feel like I should show interest in his stuff.  It's not horrible either, and it gets us out of the house and using our brains. 

    *I didn't lose the cord.  I vacuumed it up.
  • First weekend we've had where the a/c wasn't on 24/7.  Yeahers!  In fact, it wasn't on for hours at a time.  Even in the middle of the day. It was like a miracle.

    I don't usually suffer from headaches, but I was battling with one for three days!  I finally woke up to it gone on Sunday.

    I cleaned up a corner of the living room...including throwing stuff out (score!) make room for a new cat condo I got for Nip.  I don't have it yet, but it's ordered.  Her "old" one was just throwing money in the fire.  It was too flimsy for her to use from Day One.  I want her to be able to sit on the top of it and look out the window.

    Other than that, didn't do much.  Took it pretty easy and rested.  Caught up on sleep, which I desperately needed.  I know it was after having a bad, mostly sleepless night on Wednesday that caused my headache to start on Thursday.

    My Jupiter cousin heeded my warning and continued on to Gainesville sometime on Friday, instead of waiting a couple days for traffic to "die down".  She and her family arrived safely at Gainesville cousin's house on Friday night.

  • Hellooooooo!!!!

    Run down since I couldn't get on TK from home computer.

    Thursday - Tried to sleep in on my bday but that was horrible and didn't work.
    Used the fact I was up to throw in our blanket so it'll dry all weekend.
    M ended up trying to surprise me for lunch, but I left a bit early for my pedicure. He drove by me, and we kinda saw each other so I got a drive :)

    Got lunch at my mum's work, and lucky I did because it started to TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR just as I was about to leave. She lent me umbrella to get there.
    I got a grassy-emerald green colour. I never get green but this stood out at me.
    After I met my mum, and we just hung out at her place since weather sucked.
    M and I went for sushi, then checked out Walmart and Chapters. Nothing great, but I'm kinda searching for fall decor.

    Friday - M woke up super early so he could get finished cleaning the basement. It was mostly moving tires and sweeping. I moved a bunch of stuff on Wednesday, so this was his job ;)

    Outlets are done!

    Went for cupcakes and tea with a friend, then we hung out at her place for awhile just chit-chatting.

    Saturday - mum and i went to a flea market. Got a few homemade things for xmas gifts :)
    Then walked around, had lunch, checked out a few places at a mall. It was a long day.
    We also saw a heartbreaking march happen. It was about stopping rape culture. I'm not sure if this was the 'slut walk' or just same idea. It was about consent, ending rape 'jokes' etc.
    I had to explain it to my mum and it started a conversation. She said from as young as possible, she taught me not to leave my drink unattended. I asked her if I was a boy, would she have taught me not to put anything in someone's drink.
    She said no, that was just common sense. I explained that's why this march is necessary.

    Sunday - lowkey. Cleaning and napping. Then we had a last minute invite to M's parents place.
    I opted to tell his mum about what happened - that I was pregnant and it didn't stick. She felt bad, but she then explained how if she didn't go to a diff dr she could have lost M's brother. She's hopeful-optimistic like we are. As I just keep looking at it, is that it could have been a rough pregnancy. Sure it could happen again, but at least I'm more prepared. I figured out what worked the first time, and even if it doesn't work at least it's a starting off point.

    Busy week lmao!
    Also - the company that was doing the conference {not where M works} ended up cancelling the Miami conference. So he's home and safe.

    Vibes for any FL Knotties!!
  • @OliveOilsMom, boo to the pp period and feeling shitty.  The Eagles are my defense in fantasy football.  They were my highest scoring player this week.  ;) 
  • Ugh @kimmiinthemitten, I'm sorry to hear that.  I hope your mouth starts feeling better soon.  Tooth pain sucks the big one. 
  • This weekend was rather meh.  K and I ended up quarreling Saturday day, but worked through it.  The overnights seems to be putting omgthisneedstobemagical pressure on the one day together, so it's just learning how to handle the changes.  Sunday was a lot better, did the errands that were bumped from Saturday, got our 2nd loft finally mostly cleaned up/organized, and had dinner with friends.

    Sunday evening pretty much sucked.  My mother called and, well, I think we're at the end of Bennett the beagle's lifespan.  She said he has totally lost bladder control (he's peeing while sleeping) and is having seizures (he'll stand still for 3-5 minutes and he can't see or hear her when this is happening).  I made an appointment for him today at 2:15 to see if the vet has any other options for us.  He's 15 and he's had a wonderful, loved life from the moment we got him as a puppy, throughout all of our trials.  But I'm still dreading all of this.  This was my first, all on my own, from puppyhood dog and 15 years is a really long time.  Saying goodbye is going to break me a little.
  • It was a beautiful soccer stuffed weekend.  Saturday I got up at 6 am and worked wtih my boss until 8:30.  We left the house at 9:30 and didn't get home until 4, but it was beautiful weather and all 3 kids played really well and I got some good action shots.  I'm so over the parent drama.

    Saturday night we were having a movie night and my neighbor came over to return a DVD player she borrowed.  She's the one doing the foster to adopt and I'm having trouble with the child.  I told friend my kids were in jammies watching a movie.  The daughter busts in there and starts playing with toys that make noise.  Then she came out to me and was all "did you tell them they couldn't play? I want to play.  Why don't they want to play with me?"  It was 7 pm and they were TIRED.  The child has no boundaries and friend doesn't correct it (I try to give the benefit of the doubt here because there ARE bigger issues but I was tired too)

    Sunday was even more soccer.  We went to the Crew game.  My kids spent the time before then at half time playing pick up games with their friends.  Then after that game M2 went to soccer training.  I told the boys they could play video games or whatever.  They asked me to set up the soccer goal!  At least I feel validated that I'm not forcing them to do something.
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    I'm so, so sorry about Bennett @VarunaTT.  ((hugs))

    Also, I feel you on the overnight stuff.  The only upside to DH working overnight was that we got a sliver of time to talk in the morning without the kids around before he went to bed.  Our weekends suuuuccckkked though because Friday, he'd be tired since he'd try to sleep for just a few hours so he could get other stuff done and Sundays we were in countdown mode to when he had to nap before going to work.  If we didn't have the kids, I'm sure our schedule would have been easier to work around...but it's just hard when you're both on opposite shifts. 
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    Varuna - Hugs to you.
  • Oh V, I'm so sorry to hear about Bennett.  Big hugs.
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI member
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    @VarunaTT  I'm so sorry about your pup.  Hopefully the vet visit is helpful.
  • Busy weekend for us.  Friday we both had the day off (I'm always off Friday, and DH can decide based on his workload if he's going in or not), so I food prepped hard. I made enough soup for 23 lunches for him, plus made myself 20 lunches of broccoli, chicken, rice and sweet potatoes.
    Saturday we both entered an obstacle race, 6km run (hike/jog for me mostly as it was challenging terrain and I'm in poorer fitness than I'd like to be), plus 20 different obstacles (wall scaling, log carry, axe throwing, rope climb, monkey bars kind of stuff).  It was so much fun, and working together to help each other out was great too.  We had to do 20 burpees each for any obstacle we couldn't complete, and between the both of us we only did 60 burpees combined.
    Sunday was a busy day as well, with church, sunday school (I teach), and a family potluck at a city park.
    Weather here was good, but windy, so it didn't feel as warm as it was.
  • I'm still really sore post-surgery.  It's more my teeth/front gum where the graft took place, and it's almost like a braces sore.  Like my teeth actually hurt.  Ugh.  I'm starving (so thanks @mrsconn23 for all the food updates - just teasing), and WFH today but left my out of office up in case I take a nap or something.

    Weekend was low key as a result.  Yesterday, I went to some open houses with my BFF and then watched the news coverage.  I was obsessed, but am happy it downgraded before Tampa.  My sis' house has no power, but according to a neighbor, no one in their condo complex flooded or had damage - which is huge.  BIL's job also has an office here so worst case scenario they were talking about staying with us and transferring him here.

    I'm pretty sick of all the looting posts I see on FB today too.  So 6 people are sitting in a Miami jail while millions of people are without power without a definitive end date.  Yeah, let's perpetuate a stereotype based on .000000001% of the population instead.

    I hope you feel better soon from the surgery.  It sounds so awful  I appreciate the rundown you gave the other day.  Per your and @OliveOilsMom's suggestion, I will definitely get a second opinion.  I know you said your cost was around $1500, but it occurred to me that I may have been given a $6K-$8K estimate because this work needs to be done for almost my entire gum line, top and bottom (sigh).

    I read an article that Miami had been rounding up homeless folks and forcing them to either go to a shelter or be put under a 72-hour psych hold.  With the thought being, if they're actually choosing to stay and ride out the storm on the streets, then they may not have the mental capacity to make that decision.  And it is better to have them somewhere safe and figure out their mental health capability, than it is to have them potentially posing a danger to themselves.

    I'm not sure how I feel about that.  It seems like mental health is certainly a rampant problem in the homeless community...though God forbid we try and do something more about it the rest of the time...but still.  Just because a person is making a bad choice doesn't mean it is a problem with their mental health.  But, of course, those people easily could have died if they had stayed.  So I'm back to I'm not sure how I feel about it!

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    @MissKittyDanger, ack!  I had totally forgotten M was going to be in Miami.  I'm glad his conference fell in a timeline where it was cancelled, instead of him already being there and getting stuck.

    @VarunaTT, I'm sorry to hear things aren't looking good for Bennett!

    I forgot to mention.  My H did our normal Saturday event board pic route by himself, in order to give me a break.  He said half the license plates he saw were from FL.  Apparently a lot of evacuees came to NOLA!  I was definitely surprised.  I know hotel rooms are scarce in closer areas like Atlanta, but we're pretty far.  A good 2-day drive from Miami.  And that's without unusual traffic.

  • @VarunaTT , I'm sorry about Bennett!

    I'm glad that Irma started to lose steam before Tampa.   A good family friend and my MIL's sister both live in mobile home parks in the area and they didn't know what they would get home to.   There's still the possibility that they sustained damage but thus far it's looking to be better than feared.

    DH has a HS classmate who happens to be the son of FIL's boss.   He lives in the keys and was staying put.   I haven't heard from DH or FIL regarding his status yet.  

    Our weekend was nice.   Saturday we had dinner at the campground with FIL and yesterday we stayed low and ordered Chinese for dinner.   I just got back from the dentist for a routine appointment.

    I need to start meal planning.   I need to have an idea of what I'm doing before it's the end of the work day and I'm eating spaghetti again.
  • @short+sassy  we weren't surprised they cancelled. Airports are closed today anyways, so he would have been stuck somewhere lol I think they waited until as last minute as possible because they weren't sure if it would divert up the coast

    @VarunaTT sorry to hear about Bennett <3 That's a good long life for beagles!
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    I'm so sorry, Varuna. 

    Im on day 4 of 5 work days and I am so done. My manager pulled me out of work for an inservice today, which I didn't have time for. I can't just leave the floor for over an hour. And then I looked at my new schedule and they've given me six weekends in a row. They can only give us every other weekend. Im really annoyed. I want to be home cuddling with kitties instead. With a big glass of wine. 
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    @VarunaTT, I'm so sorry about Bennett.

    My birthday was on Saturday so I went out to dinner with my family.

    But Irma has been scary. I'm still dealing with the aftereffects of Harvey. I had signed up to volunteer with cleanup today, but the roads to the house I was supposed to go to were closed so I couldn't get there.
  • Long day and it's only 2:30. I'm waiting on people to do things before I can do the things I need to and it's frustrating. I love my jobs, but there's less autonomy than I'm used to and it's an adjustment. 

    Went to the Bills game yesterday and it was tons of fun, but my face and lips got sunburned, even with tons of sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. H starts teaching a class tonight so on my own for dinner. I'm exhausted but I'm going to try and force myself into a short run. 
  • @Jen4948 Fellow Virgo! Mine was Thursday :) Happy belated
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI member
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    Happy Birthday Jen!
  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216 member
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    Happy belated birthday, @Jen4948 and @MissKittyDanger!

    Healing vibes continue, @kimmiinthemitten!

    Hugs to you, @VarunaTT! I'm so sorry about Bennett.

    Going to make this quick since our power is out and I need to conserve my battery. FW has a gastrointestinal bug and sinusitis (she caught a cold on her flight to LA and hasn't been able to shake it completely), so she went to bed early. I'm feeling a little wonky myself; I couldn't sleep well last night and made my coffee way too strong this morning.

    On the upside, there was only one emergency this weekend and I got the invitations mailed. Yay!

    ETA: @CharmedPam and @short+sassy, can you come to our house and organize it? We'll feed you!
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    @Jen4948 Fellow Virgo! Mine was Thursday :) Happy belated
    Happy birthday!
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Thanks for the birthday greetings, @kimmiinthemitten and @OurWildKingdom!
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    So sorry to hear about Bennett @VarunaTT  It's always hard to have to deal with a pet getting older, no matter how long you've had them.  Hugs to you

  • @VarunaTT hugs for you. I'm so sorry about Bennett.

    @kimmiinthemitten I hope you feel better soon!!

    Happy Birthday, @MissKittyDanger and @Jen4948!!

  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    Happy belated @Jen4938 and @Misskittydanger,
    @VarunaTT, so sorry about Bennett.  Love the name!
    @ourwildkingdom, don't toy with me, I'll pretty much do anything for food.
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