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Reception Venue Pricing Quotes

Hi Everyone,

I have been observing venues over the years and I'm still fascinated by the ones who don't upload their menus online at least. Could be unreasonable but in this day and age, forcing people to call and schedule tours is annoying. When researching, I'd like to narrow down my choices before visiting. I know packages can be customized but venues should be able to provide the basic fees (their minimum/per head cost for peak and off peak season).

I emailed a few venues today in NJ for comparisons on 2018 & 2019 bookings for a Sat evening (I know that's most expensive). Majority were upfront about date availability & per person pricing while 2 venues felt like pulling teeth. Those two are raved about for their food and service but first impressions start with the initial correspondence. I don't know how I feel now because I really loved one of the locations (which is new) but it took a few emails for the rep to stop beating around the bush and sent an outlandish baseline season quote for over $70k and up (it was mentioned their min is 100 guests) :|

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever receive a quote from the following:

The Grove
Tides Estate
Park Chateau 
Florentine Gardens
The Legacy Castle
The Rockleigh
The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor

Please share. 


Re: Reception Venue Pricing Quotes

  • Hi - I got a few quotes for some of these venues, but just be mindful that prices could drastically change between days of the week, months of the year, times of the day, etc. 

    Florentine Gardens - for Fall 2017 (Friday or Saturday), pricing between $160-200pp (plus tip & tax ++)

    Tides Estate - For Summer 2018 (Friday or Saturday), pricing between $140-175pp ++

    The Grove - For Fall 2017 (Friday or Saturday), pricing between $169-209pp ++
    For Winter 2018 (Friday or Saturday), pricing between $140-160pp++

    These quotes also didn't include if you wanted to add Viennese hour which is typically between $10-15 pp extra. 
  • @Juana4ev I am interested in a lot of the same venues you mentioned! Was the $70,000 quote from Park Chateau? Just wondering because I've also been struggling to get a quote from them. They won't share estimates until after a tour is set.
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