Thank you cards for Shower gifts mailed to home

I had an out of town bridal shower and rather than brining gifts to the shower, most guests sent them to my home and brought pics of the gifts in cards. As I sit down to do the thank you cards I hit a road block. The gifts were sent as wedding gifts by the family (ie husband wife and kids) but only the women attended the shower. Do I write one thank you for attending the shower, and not mention the gift, and then a second to the family for the gift?

Re: Thank you cards for Shower gifts mailed to home

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    I would write the thank you notes to the family members for giving you the gift and thank the women for coming to the shower.
  • How do you know these were wedding gifts and not shower gifts?
  • I almost always give shower gifts from my husband and me even though i'm the only one who attends the showers.  So I would absolutely write the thank you to whoever is named on the card. 

  • Address the thank you note to whoever signed the card. 

  • Agreed- address the note to whoever signed the card.

    If it is a mutual friend or family member, I also sign the card from both DH and I even if only I attend the shower.
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