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Interfaith Ceremony

Hi all - I suppose its not necessarily an interfaith, but we are thinking of having mostly a civil ceremony with maybe some jewish traditions thrown in.  (I'm Jewish and he's an atheist)  Does anyone have any recommendations of a rabbi or JP or someone who would do such a ceremony?  When I look people up I find so many reverends who say they do interfaith.  What is a reverend if not a christian minister that is just willing to do other types of ceremonys?


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    I am in a similar situation to you.  My fiance is Jewish and I am not... we want an a non-denominational ceremony with some Jewish traditions mixed in.  My fiance does not like the idea of having someone with the title reverand or minister do the ceremony, even if they regularly do interfaith ceremonies.  I have been looking into some rabbis that do interfaith and there are definitely quite a few on Long Island.  I can pass along the info I have collected from them if you would like.  FYI prices have been $750 and up which I personally think is ridiculous for a 30 minute ceremony, but I guess it is what it is!  Let me know if you find anyone good!
  • I decided to go with Rev. Alison.  Even though she has the Rev. title - she is Jewish.  I'm really confused how that whole thing works.  Aaaanyway - she's only $600.

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