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Getting down to the wire..

I just feel like I need to post that my wedding is three weeks from tomorrow and I am freaking out!!
I'm simultaneously very glad that it's almost here and a little sad that I have to stop planning.

Thank you guys for always answering my questions and steering me in the right direction to avoid etiquette disasters.


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Re: Getting down to the wire..

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    We’re always here to help! Stick around after your wedding too — we have lots of fun here, especially in Wedding Woes.
  • Wishing you luck and happiness with your upcoming wedding!

    I'm sure it will be a beautiful and amazing day.  I hope you are referring more to "nervous energy", than actually freaking out.

    If you're freaking out about details, make a list.  Include any items that are haunting your mind, no matter how tiny.  Read the list when your anxious.  Remind yourself of steps taken/will take to cover the list.

    Nervous energy will just get worse as the day gets nearer, lol.  But any time it is hitting extra bad.  Take deep breaths.  Count to ten.  Remind yourself it's going to be a great day and tell yourself you just need to be patient and calm.  It only works to an extent, lol.  But can help keep the "aaahh!" to a more manageable level.

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