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Wedding ceremony ideas

I am having my ceremony and reception at 2 separate locations. I want a short ceremony but since we are renting an entire venue for the ceremony we want to take a little bit of time. Any ideas for more personal or unique things to do at a ceremony? 

Re: Wedding ceremony ideas

  • I don't understand. "I want a short ceremony" and adding "personal or unique things" to the ceremony are pretty mutually exclusive. 

    Fwiw, at my wedding, we had two shortish scripture readings and one song during the ceremony in addition to the standard vows, kiss the bride, etc. Our pastor (who had done many weddings) told us that the ceremony was not the shortest but also not long. So basically, you can't add much to a basic ceremony without it getting away from "short." 

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    Can you have your cocktail hour there as well?
  • As part of our ceremony we had my SIL give a reading, and then our officiant gave a little "thing"- he called it a motivational moment, where he spoke a bit about marriage and us. Our ceremony from start to finish (including processional and recessional was 30 mins max).

    You can add a reading/ scripture or two (I wouldn't do more than 2), have your officiant say something a bit more than having you repeat after him/her, or you could add in a unity ceremony. Personally, I'm not big on the unity ceremonies (the marriage ceremony itself is your unity!), but there would be nothing wrong with having one- but keep it to one.

    You can also have your receiving line out of the ceremony there. You could host your cocktail hour there, if it works, though it might be more of a smooth transition to keep it at the reception venue.
  • Honestly, I would start googling wedding ceremony scripts and just find stuff you like. We wrote our own ceremony.

    You will need to hire an officiant who can legally perform a wedding ceremony AND is willing to read from whatever you decide on. You might look into that first to ensure you can find someone who fits both criteria before you get your heart set on writing your own ceremony.

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