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Fake VS Real

I'm having my personal flowers (bouquets/boutonnieres/corsages etc.) done by a friends flower shop and she's unable to handle anything more than that which is fine by me.

I'm having/making centerpieces with fake flowers for the reception tables.

The only flowers I'm missing would be flowers for the church pew ends. I was looking at other florists but didn't love any of them.

While shopping at Hobby Lobby for Halloween décor I saw a bouquet of fake flowers that was exactly what I wanted for the church pews. (and $45 cheaper than the quotes I had!!) 

Would it be odd to have only the personal flowers real and everything else fake?

My opinion is 

1. 75% of guest won't notice that they're fake

2. 90% of the guests won't care

3. 98% of the guest won't remember in a month if the flowers were real or fake


Re: Fake VS Real

  • This is entirely your own choice.  No rules.  Do what you like.
  • Agree with you. If anyone notices, they won't care. Flowers do not affect guest comfort in any way, so you are free to do what you please.
  • Agree with above.

    All my flowers were artificial and my housekeeper still tries to water my bouquet. No one will notice and no one will care. You may also not even need all the flowers you are looking at getting.

  • Completely agree; no one will notice, or care, and if you want I think you can skip altogether.
  • If you like the ones you found and they're that much less, and you like them, go with them!  Don't complicate it.  I also agree - you can skip the pew flowers all together (mine are currently taking up space in my basement js)...
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  • A lot of people say they can tell, but I'm here to say that's false. My cousin had all of her flower's fake. I had no idea until I saw her grandmother's corsage sitting on her desk months later. 

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