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Horror themed wedding ideas


Re: Horror themed wedding ideas

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    Please kindly stop with this gender stereotyping. A lot of men DO care. Mine did. He helped me plan the centerpieces and we made them together. 

    But if he honestly and truly does not care, why do you even want to include this in your decor?  
    Oh good grief. It was a joke. I want to include it because I love him and think it would be a nice thing that will make him smile. If you don't have any helpful input, why bother replying? Unless you only want to argue? 
    it's not a joke, though. Again, this gender stereotyping is not cool. I called you out on it in hopes you'd realize it's non-productive. Maybe next time you'll think before you post something like that. 

    I gave you helpful input. If he truly doesn't care about the decor, you don't need to go crazy incorporating this stuff into your decor. 

  • There’s so much real horror in the world. I can’t fathom inviting it to a happy occasion. 
  • If he really doesn't care at all about decor, I would incorporate this theme into a groom's cake and call it a day.

  • I think you could easily go with 'American Southern Gothic' aesthetic for a very autumnal and dramatic look without it looking like a themed party. Think burgundy flowers, with greenery, rich jewel tone dresses, candlelight, Careful placement of dark gold embellishments with a rococo/lace feel. Things like this: 

    These pictures are really pretty! But he's more into the whole "slasher movie" type of horror. I don't want my whole wedding to be focused on it though. I was thinking maybe one or 2 minute details that our guests may not even notice, but he would. A family member suggested that when we are introduced as husband and wife during the reception, we have the Michael Myers song play. It's really just a beat without words, so most people probably wouldn't even recognize it as being from the Halloween movies. 
    Uhhhhh there have been 10 movies out in various decades with this song in it and another one coming next year. I would 100% recognize this song regardless of where it was played and would think it very odd if there was nothing else that hinted to this being that type of wedding. 
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