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My mom broke apart my "father-daughter" dance at my wedding


Re: My mom broke apart my "father-daughter" dance at my wedding

  • I ran across this post while searching for some father/daughter dance advice - my father passed away many years ago and I want to honor him at my wedding.  My parents had been divorced since I was 4 years old (I’m 41 now) so I understand the dynamics of the divorced family.  That being said, I’m disgusted with your mother.  Regardless of her feelings for your father, she’s an adult and should have had more sense than to do that. This was your day, it was not about her, it was about YOU.  I’ve dreamed of my father/daughter dance since I saw it happen at my aunts wedding.  I was a daddy’s girl and knew this would be a very large part of my day.  Your mother should be ashamed of herself and you have every right to be angry with her.  I know you weren’t asking for advice, but I have to say that you need to tell her how unacceptable that was.  LondonLisa has a great point about the future of your family - will you have to choose between her and your dad for birthday parties and holidays with your children?  She needs to make the choice of how much she wants to be involved in your life because your dad sounds like he’ll always he there.  I’ll stop ranting now, but I just couldn’t keep quiet about this selfishness.  <3
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