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Professional Photos - to share or not to share

Hello everyone! We recently received the link to our wedding photos and I'm wondering what the thoughts are or advice on sharing the link to ALL photos versus just sharing some? I ask because obviously there are some photos I don't like and are not very flattering. Do you share the link with family only? And risk someone posting photos you might not want posted?

Re: Professional Photos - to share or not to share

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    I think you might be over thinking this. I would never post pictures from another person's wedding unless it was one I was in or took (posted after the wedding was over of course). That being said, I've never had pictures from a photog's website shared that wasn't from family
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    I think sharing the link is fine but also nothing wrong with waiting and creating a google drive and sharing just select photos. 
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    We shared the link; and we had the image files so our family could look through the link, which was easier, and then we sent them the image files for whatever photos they wanted. No one posted any pictures from our wedding except for us. 
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    I didn't share the link of all the photos with anyone. Honestly, I could totally see my MIL sharing pictures I didn't like. However, my mom and MIL both had my photographer's contact info so that they could order prints directly from him. 
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