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Non traditional wedding march music

Hi all! 

My my fiancé and I are marrying June 3rd at a gorgeous B&B/ horse farm. I am a country girl through and through and we are doing rustic country style for our theme. I am thinking of walking to Make You Mine by High Valley. It is my favorite song and makes me so happy and think of my fiancé every time I hear it!

We are looking for non traditional, what do you think?
Are we crazy for using it for the march because it is so upbeat and fast tempo?

Re: Non traditional wedding march music

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs
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    It's pretty fast.  Is there a chance you can find a cover band that performs it in a slower tempo?  I realize the "tense" of the song would be off, but could you play it as the recessional instead? 

    In the end, the ceremony should be significant and meaningful to you and your FI.  If that's what you want, then go for it.
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    You're getting married on my birthday! And walking down the aisle to our first dance song! Crazy! 

    I think it's anything you want in terms of music, but you might find it a bit up tempo. It might feel weird to walk so slowly to something so lively. Agree that it would make a wonderful recessional!
  • Recessional!  

  • I can't see the vid {work comp doesn't allow youtube} BUT if you're looking at songs, try to see if there's a cover.

    We used "Only fools rush" in BUT I found a cover I loved by 21 Pilots because I couldn't do the Elvis version {love the song, but couldn't get it to work}

    I know 2 cellos does a lot of covers. We debated on them briefly
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