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I am looking to rent or buy my wedding dress

I am looking to rent or buy my wedding dress. Anyone have experience with evdressau.com ? I have looked up multiple reviews by googling around and it doesn't sound promising. I found a dress that looks good online and in their customer pix. Of course the reviews on their site are all positive. My date is coming up soon (10/27/17) and I am worried I haven't found a dress yet. I am not looking to spend more than the range of prices they have on that site. The dress I want on there would put me out $300 that's too much for me to gamble on. Anyone have a better site recommendation? Again, I'm not even looking to keep my dress, I am interested in renting or purchasing. Thanks in advance.

Re: I am looking to rent or buy my wedding dress

  • CMGragainCMGragain
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    I wrote a sticky several years ago about buying a wedding dress that is at the top of the Attire and Accessories board.  Please read it.  It will answer many of your questions.

    Are you actually in Australia?  This is where the website claims it is located, but there are no stores there where you can examine their merchandise.  They do not sell any gowns from manufacturers, but only ones that they make themselves.  I would not order from this company.  You have no idea what you will get.  Some of these "custom made" internet sites deliver a dress that looks like a cheap Halloween costume, and they are often made in Chinese  sweatshops that employ children under terrible conditions.

    If you are located in the USA/Canada, I strongly recommend David's Bridal.  They have real stores where you can see and try on some dresses, as well as an internet site based in the USA.  They have clearance dresses for as little as $99 online.  They also sell sample dresses.  You can walk out with your dress!  $300 is a very realistic price for DB.   Return policies are better than most bridal shops (no returns at all!), but read the fine print before you order.  All of their dresses are made to their specifications in their factories in China.   They are warehoused in the USA, so they can deliver faster than the other designers.  Because of your time frame, you are extremely limited in your choices!

    If you buy a new dress from a reliable source like DB, you should be able to sell it for about 70% of what you paid.  A Chinese website dress will be very difficult to sell.

    There are several USA internet sites where brides sell their once-worn dresses.  This could also be a good option for you.  I cannot recommend Ebay or Etsy.  There are many foreign sellers on these sites that cannot be trusted.

    Other options:  My sister borrowed her dress and veil from a friend.  It was beautiful.  Nobody knew or cared.

    Rental dresses are not cheap.  Cleaning charges are included in the price.  You can probably do better buying a clearance gown.
  • In addition to what @CMGragain mentioned, I'd also recommend looking at consignment stores, thrift shops, and/or anywhere that might sell used items.  ex. Craig's List, Facebook, etc.

    Another option is to just look for a nice dress (formal, if you prefer) in white (or any other color you might want).  Department stores or anywhere else that carries more formal women's attire are great!  You can find something right off the rack.

    Honestly, at this point, I hope you aren't super picky.  You really don't have time to even order anything.  It needs to be something off the rack/picking up now.  You might have time for a basic alteration, if that is needed, but even that will be cutting it close.

    On the good side, if you buy a dress you love and feel beautiful in...even if it isn't white or a "traditional" bridal gown...your wedding day will be just as amazing.

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  • minealoneminealone
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    Nvm I misread the date
  • did you rent a wedding dress or buy one? honey
    I bought my wedding dress, but it's been hanging in the garment bag ever since that night. Everytime my friends asked me about wedding dress, i will suggest them to rent one lol
  • I wouldn't recommend buying a gown online at all from any site. Buy one at a store, in person. Too many rip off stories about Ebay wedding gowns.
  • Also, you can't be sure of the fit when you buy your gown online.
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