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neon museum photoshoot

Hi, I am dreaming of a wedding photoshoot in the neon museum. My future husband isnt a fan of having his picture taken, so it would be a mini session, like half an hour, do you have any photographer you recommend ? And do you know if such a thing is even possible ? We're from France, and I've never been to Vegas, so I'm kind of navigating in dark waters... thank you :)

Re: neon museum photoshoot

  • Neon Museum are not the most pleasant people to work with; they have very strict policies and pricing, will make you feel like they're doing you a favor letting you use their facility, etc.  That being said, it does make for great pictures; my wife and I did our one-year anniversary photos there.  Just make sure you get pricing from them for your specific date and time because it varies, and they may charge based on the number of camera people, so if you hire a photographer who says they need to bring two assistants, Neon may charge you more for that scenario.

    I'm sure most Vegas photographers are familiar with shooting there; I have a bunch on my website, we used Mike L for wedding and anniversary.

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  • You do need advance permission from the Neon Museum; contacting a photographer who has done it before is the best way to go, as they'll know the ins and out. 

    My husband hates photos too, but I roped him in to 3 hours. If it were up to me, we would have been shooting way longer... Most of the time was wandering the strip, and just laughing/candid photos, rather than staged photos. Much easier. :) 30 minutes will go by way too fast and you won't get nearly as many shots as you think you will.
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