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What happens if you take too long to mail in the marriage certificate? (Longer than FIVE DAYS?)

Hi all. I got married last week at my parents' house. My mom officiated. (She got ordained online and yes, did file her info with the county well before the wedding.) The marriage certificate was supposed to be returned to the director of licensing within five days of the marriage. My mom mailed the certificate in the day after the wedding, certified mail with tracking. The woman at the post office told her it *should* arrive the next day. I've been tracking the envelope. Today is day 5 after the wedding, and it still says it is en route to its destination and is not going to arrive on its expected date. I had no idea it would take over 5 days for a letter to get from one end of the county to the other. I'm worried about it.

My first question is: Do weekends count as part of the 5 days? Secondly, does anyone know what happens if the director of licensing doesn't receive the envelope within those 5 days? Is there a grace period? My mom did everything she thought she was supposed to do. The only other thing she could have done was hand-delivered it, but she wanted nothing to do with driving downtown Minneapolis.

We still have about a month and a half before the license expires, so I suppose we could "re-do" the legal part of the wedding, although we live out of state and are no longer in the county where we got married. Does anyone else think 5 days is a bit short? Where I live, the timeline is 30 days.

I can't stop worrying about this, and I won't feel settled until I know my marriage is legal!

Re: What happens if you take too long to mail in the marriage certificate? (Longer than FIVE DAYS?)

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    IMO - part of the issue may be that you added the certified aspect.  I wouldn't get worked up unless you haven't heard anything in a few weeks because you'll have the postmark on your side.  
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