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Hey! Just was wondering if anyone has had a wedding at the Platinum hotel in Las Vegas? We have been looking at many different options for ceremony and reception. Originally we were looking at the Juno Garden at Caesars and having a reception at the MGM Skyline Terrace Suite. Its becoming hectic and confusing since we are planning this from PA. The Platinum hotel offers a beautiful view on a rooftop and a package that includes a reception directly afterwards. It seems kinda too good to be true haha. Just looking for any information or guidance!! Thanks!

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  • Here's some links to past reviews:

    Not much of a view is my only complaint; you're basically looking at the High Roller ferris wheel behind Flamingo and some streets.  You'll get much more value compared to Caesars though.

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    I did a tour of Platinum when I did a scouting trip in September. I liked the price but the hotel didn't give me a Vegas feel. I felt like I was just walking into a hotel in my hometown. They were really flexible and easy to deal with though! If you have any specific questions I can try and answer. 
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