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Did you get married at the Lizard Island Resort? If so, would you mind sharing some wedding pricing with me? They don't have it on the website (that I can find). TIA!

Re: *Jells2dot0*

  • You can PM her.
  • I believe she got married either on the Marshall Islands or on Wilson Island. @Jells2dot0

  • I got married on Wilson Island, but honeymooned on Lizard (same company operates the resorts). My wedding package at Wilson was around $3500-$4000 AUD back in 2012. But, it was a super basic package because I wanted the world's simplest wedding. I did not look at wedding pricing on Lizard because I wanted a smaller resort. But, I imagine you'll have the same problem I had with Wilson. I had to helicopter vendors in (Lizard would be flying people in rather than heli). I had to pay for the celebrant to come in as well as the photographer. At least with Lizard, they have a spa where you can get hair/makeup done. I opted to not fly anyone in for that because it would have been around at least $1000 to have someone come in. Not worth it


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