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I recently got married. I remember going to the bridal shop, trying on about 4-5 dresses and choosing a beautiful Maggie Sottero lace fit and flare. I loved the ombré and that different aspect it gave the dress. After searching around I've seen some other beautiful (different and new) come on the market. Mine, however, was from a 2014 collection. I began to worry that my dress was dated and that I could have picked something with more tulle or flow, which seems to be in all of the new and popular styles. Does anyone have any knowledge on how long bridal shops keep a style and if this particular dress looks out of style?

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    Most manufacturers keep a style for two years before discontinuing, except for David's Bridal, which has no specified time range.

    Why do you care if your style is dated long after your wedding?  I assure you that my wedding dress from 1976 is now very dated, but who cares?  You bought your dress to wear on your wedding day.  One day.  That has now passed.   Let this go.
  • You're married - you wore the dress. Congrats on your marriage! I recommend you not worry about this sort of thing anymore, since there is literally zero to do about it.

    However, no, I don't think this will look any more dated in future than any other dress style from the last decade.
    ^^This. If we all said, "That dress is SOOOO 2014, what were you thinking?! Eww." What would that do? You can't get married again. Or I supposed you could throw a redo, but these photos still exist and are still the actual day you got married. 

    That said, I think the dress is very pretty, and, no, it doesn't look dated. 

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    I guess I don't understand why you care? Eventually all dresses are going to look dated, no matter what. You can't get into a time machine and pick a different dress. So...I don't get it. 

  • I don't think it looks out of style at all. The main question is whether you feel great in it. If you do that's really the question you should be asking.

    I mean, look at wedding dresses throughout the decades....they ALL look dated at some point. Some more than others, for sure, but all of them do. 

  • You looked really pretty!  I like your dress.  I was married in 2013, it reminds me a bit of mine.  I think most dresses look they’re a part of a certain decade, and that’s okay.  My parents’ high school yearbook photos scream ‘70s.  My clothes in my baby/toddler photos scream 80s.  It just is what it is.
  • The more "in style" your dress is at the time you get married the more likely it is to look dated sooner! Picture those dresses with the GIANT pouffy shoulders from the 80's...not every single bride who got married in the 80's had shoulders that big on their dress. In fact, the ones who didn't have the giant shoulders may have been thinking "was my dress dated, because all the super-in-style dresses now have giant pouffy shoulders?!". But now looking back we're likely to laugh a lot harder and roll are eyes at how dated those giant pouffy shoulders look vs. a dress that at the time may have been considered to simple and "dated". 
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