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Anybody still watching this?  It should have ended last season.  The writing is awful.  We are now dealing with a pirate's treasure chest of jewels which Jamie knows about, but he is too stupid to take the jewels and sell them?  And now they are going to Jamaica?  Oh, please!
Jamie reminds me of one of my old boyfriends - gorgeous, and dumb as a post.  Claire has become a controlling bitch.

Re: SPOILER ALERT: Outlander?

  • Girl, spoiler alert this please!!

    yes, i am still watching, still love it, will fight you at dawn over it. And hadn’t seen last night’s episode. 

    Edit the title to include “SPOILERS”- it’s only fair to follow internet etiquette for this. 
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    Absolutely still watching.  They left a bit out from the books about the treasure and why he hasn't used/taken all of it. Season 2 and 3 were much more accurate to the books over season 1 

  • Finally caught up to you! The book explains the jewels a bit better from what I recall. Not so easy to sell them when he first found them. 

    But yeah Jamaica time! The story moves around a lot geographically which I find interesting but I miss the highland scenery. 
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