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Timeline Help :)

edited November 2017 in Arkansas
Hello and congrats to all! 

I was hoping to get a weigh-in of opinions on my wedding day timeline.

We are from Memphis, and a majority of our guests are from Memphis but we will be getting married in Hot Springs. 

The venue we chose has pretty strict times available for the ceremony and reception areas. Our options are:

A) Renting the chapel from 11:30-3:30, and having a 2/2:30 wedding. And a reception from 4-8pm. 

B ) Renting the chapel from 4-8, and having a 5:00ish wedding. And a reception from 6-10pm. (I don't mind the gap in ceremony-reception time because they can have access to the whole gardens for 1/2 an hour)

Where I'm getting caught up is that we don't want to have the ceremony too early and people decide to just go back home to Memphis (a 3 hr drive), leaving us with a bunch of food leftover after the reception...

But, with option B we are paying for the chapel for 2 hours we wouldn't even be using (from 6-8pm) which seems like a waste. 

I'm looking for some honest thoughts here, but yes, I am aware that I cannot plan and control the entire day nor can I control the people - if they are going to leave, they're going to leave. But, I'd like to hear what you guys would do in this situation or if you have any other creative solutions!

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