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Is this person looking for the 3 date rule?

Dear Prudence,

I’m 54 years old. I’ve been divorced for 11 years and haven’t dated since—until last month, when I started dating an acquaintance. I really enjoy his company. He’s made a few passes at me and I wonder if he’s wanting sex. Nowadays, is there an appropriate period to wait before taking the plunge?

—When to Start

Re: Is this person looking for the 3 date rule?

  • Use.  Your.  Words. 

    If you're dating romantically then of course he's made passes at you.

    This is very confusing.   You are going to need to talk about what you both want out of this.  
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    I hate the "three date" rule.  But yup, that's whats she's looking for.  Everyone's different.  Some even wait for marriage.  Agreed with @banana468, that a mature talk is needed.

  • Personal preference aside, conversation is key. Assuming the person is same age as LW, they'll be maybe hinting at things but waiting to hear what LW has to say.
    These passes could be the person wanting to start a conversation without initiating it.
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