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Catholic Annulment process in the Archdiocese of Baltimore

Hello everyone!

I'm really stressing out right now! My FH has been married previously. This was disclosed at the time of our meeting with my Catholic priest and it was determined that we were okay to proceed with our wedding. We booked the church, reception hall, and a ton of other things and then a few days ago we received some new information from his ex-wife. I called my priest last night and he told me that this changes things and now we need to have my FH's previous marriage annulled in order for us to be married in the Catholic church. This process will take 6-9 months before we are told whether it is accepted or denied. That would be pushing it really close to our wedding date and would leave us scrambling at the last minute to find a ceremony location and officiant if for some reason the annulment isn't granted. 

Has anyone been through this process with the Arch. of Balt? Does it really take this long and is it likely that it will be denied? Also, he's clueless about what he's supposed to write on the paperwork. 

Please please please help me! I'm so stressed about this!
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