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thank you for gift from people who were not invited

About a month after our wedding we received a cash gift and card from an aunt and uncle I am not at all close with.  In fact we have had a fairly rocky history so they were not invited to our wedding.  I know I will send them the "thank you for the generous gift, it will come in handy with...." but after that? I got nothing, my other thank yous I filled out the card with inside jokes from the wedding or how happy we were that they could share in our special day, but I have no idea what I would say to these people.  This will probably be the last correspondence I will ever have with them.  How can I be polite while not telling an outright lie "ex we wish you could have been there"

Re: thank you for gift from people who were not invited

  • banana468 said:
    "We are so touched that you thought of us as we start our married life together.   Thank you for your generous gift which we will use as we start to furnish our marital home!   We hope all is well with you and wish you a joyous holiday season.

    Love and best wishes,

    @Knottie1469669000 and spouse
    This!  It truly doesn't need to be complicated OP!  A heartfelt true and simple Thank you always wins and nothing that sounds like Agnes doing the Mother's Day poem for Gru level of scripted.  Just be true to you saying "Thank you!".  
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