Budget friendly venues for 2019

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I'm newly engaged (my first time posting!) and we are just starting the planning process. All we know is that we'd like a fall 2019 wedding and we want to stay under 10k for the whole wedding (yes, everything under 10k). Unfortunately, from the prices I've been seeing, that sounds near impossible, and the venue seems to be the biggest hurdle. Everything I've seen is either starting at 1k (but they nickel and dime you for set-up time, tables, etc.) or 5k with only the bare necessities covered. I'm starting to feel discouraged. People with a budget get married too, so where are the best places to look?

Unfortunately, we don't have any family with big backyards we can ask, so we need to look elsewhere. Our guest list could be anywhere from 100-200 and is flexible depending on what the venue allows. We need somewhere that will let us bring in our own food/cake/bar, because that's the place where we know we can save serious money (my brother caters, Mom is an amazing baker, and future brother-in-law homebrews craft beer and wine).

We're willing to travel a bit (we're in MKE), but want to stay within the state. 

Thank you ahead of time! Any suggestions are appreciated!

Re: Budget friendly venues for 2019

  • Check out the Lowlands group https://lowlandsgroup.com/lowlandsgrandevents/

    We are having a small (25-30) wedding ceremony + reception at Cafe Benelux in MKE and they have been great to work with. Some of their other locations can accommodate 100+. (Bonus: no room fee or deposit!)
  • Also, I should say that our budget is $5-6k and we're planning it in 100 days. OMG
  • @knottie7868745e92636aae There are literally TONS of venues in the Milwaukee area that will fit your size and budget!  It's all in how you manage your pennies that count.  Often backyard events end up costing MORE than a properly researched venue that's all-inclusive!  

    Check out the Olympia Resort & Conference Center...  State Fair Park...  The Polish Center...  Area hotels (There are some conference centers by the airport - I'm thinking the Best Western that may be able to work).  Little Switzerland...  Don't be afraid of "Minimums", just be sure to read the fine print because the alcohol can be included in this at many locations.

    ALSO - If your brother caters, he has venue options that he's worked with that he can recommend.  Many venues will not allow unlicensed vendors to provide any of the amenities.  You can still have an event for 200 and provide everything hired in without making your family WORK your wedding instead of being there to fully relax and enjoy the day.  Your hope of bringing your own alcohol will also likely be nixed as it's too much risk for venues to allow this.  Your Mom deserves to enjoy the day, there are bakers in your area who will make a lovely cake and deliver it, or if you don't want to spend a lot, Sam's Club makes tiered cakes that you can pick up and deliver yourself the day-of (it's a grey-area because it is sourced from a licensed location)...  Really think about "Do I want my family to attend my wedding and enjoy themselves or do I want my family to work?" (your brother will be cooking food while you are getting married if you're expecting to hire (yes, you need to PAY him) him to cater your wedding)  There are venues that are all-inclusive without anyone having to lift a finger.  Remember as well, all venues offer a "Budget friendly" catering option that is usually a "you get what you get" for the menu buffet, but when it cuts the cost down, it's worth it.  

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