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I never thought there would be such a term such as bridesmaidzilla, but I experienced it this week. I really need to vent. 

One of my friends I've known for 12 years was so excited to be apart of my wedding. She even wanted to be the maid of honor, but my best friend is. This friend of mine wanted to plan my bridal shower, and I said sure why not. I'm getting married in 5 months and this "friend" has been giving me nothing but issues. She started a fight with my sister in law about my bridal shower and we had to plan my bachelorette party around her schedule. Best part is, my bachelorette party is suppose to be in a month from now and nothing got planned because of her. This "friend" kept making excuses to not plan the bachelorette party. Two weeks ago, she called me up and told me she can't help with the bridal shower because she's too busy. I finally had enough and had a group text to my bridal party how I'm very upset that nothing is really being done, and honestly i haven't asked for much. Just to get the shower together and bachelorette party planned and for everyone to work together. When my "friend" saw this message, she called me up and left me a message saying "you didn't call me two weeks ago to see how I'm doing, I see ur text we have to talk". I finally called her back and I explained to her everyone has to try to plan something and that my sister in law is doing almost everything because no one else is stepping up. She started screaming at me and telling me so you don't want me to be your bridesmaid? I told her no, I'm not saying that I just want everyone to be on the same page. She yelled at me that she helped me out with "ideas" and I said to her you did nothing. She then said she hated my sister in law and told me I don't know how to be a bride (she's single and never married). I told her this is my wedding and I've been revolving around your schedule, not mine. She yelled at me more and I told her Im not dealing with this now with the yelling and I hung up on her. Then this "friend" of mine sends out a group text to Everyone else in the bridam party  that I kicked her out of the bridal party and she's going to take me to court for the money for the bridesmaid dress. My sister in law texted her, what's going on and she told my sister in law lies about me saying lies about my sister in law. This "friend" and I texted privately that I told her I'll give her the money for the dress but I want the dress. She then tells me she wants back her money for my bridal shower gift from my sister in law because she's not using her money to buy me a gift. Now, this weekend I have to meet up with her to do an exchange with the money and dress. What a nightmare. On the Brightside, my cousin is stepping in for me and she is the same size dress as my "friend" and she's paying for the dress and gift. I just can't believe it, I knew this girl for 12 years and that's how she acted and lied.
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