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Torn between two dresses, HELP!

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with shipping and alterations, both will be the same amount, totally torn as I love the bore boho vibe one but feel like it's not "wedding" enough perhaps? Venue is upscale golf resort in a Tahoe overlooking the lake. Ceremony is on grass/beach

thoughts?? (please note the white lace is the sellers photo as I am waiting to receive the dress)

Re: Torn between two dresses, HELP!

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    Both are very comfortable
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    nighttime ceremony (6pm)
  • Have you tried them on?

    it is hard to tell what the second dress looks like from the picture so I can’t make an good comparison.
  • boho is me in the dress, very comfortable and soft. Here's another photo of the full lace sleeved one. Havent tried on yet as it's being shipped but seller said it was soft lace
  • The lace one is a little difficult to see but I think I prefer the boho vibe one anyways.  It's more interesting. 
  • I jaw literally dropped at the top one.... Love that. 

  • So I would not call either of these even a little bit boho. That said, the first one is a stunner! The all lace is a little meh to me and IMO the plunge in the back goes too far, especially for a wedding.
  • That first one is gorgeous and I definitely think it’s “wedding enough”. I think pick the one you like the best, the one you feel great in. They’re both formal enough for the venue you described. 
  • I think they're both very pretty, but the second all-lace reads more "upscale" to me. 
  • I like the second one, the first one is just not my style.
  • Both dresses are gorgeous!  I think you can't go wrong with either one, honestly.

    But if I had to pick, I am leaning slightly toward dress # 2- the pic where the person is sitting on the couch?  That dress is gorgeous! :)
  • Both are really beautiful. You really can't go wrong with either choice. I would flip a coin, see where it lands, and if you're super happy or if your heart tugs you in the other direction, you have your answer. 

    If you're more of a "thinker" type decision maker....What kind of venue and vibe do you have for your wedding? The first dress is more art deco (I wouldn't say boho) and could easily transition from an outdoor ceremony to a dinner reception. The second dress is a little more formal and makes me think of a cathedral wedding with a dinner reception. 

  • Personally, I don't care for the very low back on the second dress.  I like the first one.
  • I also think they are both beautiful and either one would be a good choice.  The first one certainly looks like a wedding dress and is formal enough for what you are describing.  Though I would say the second one is more formal looking.  However, that is really just splitting hairs.

    Since you haven't tried on the second one yet, once you do, that very well might give you your answer.

    For my own personal preference and style, I like the bottom dress better.  The drape of the train is just gorgeous.  But, had it been my gown, I would have altered the back so it was slightly less plungy.

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  • I don't think you can know for sure until you've tried both on yourself, but personally, I prefer the 1st one. It's really pretty and a bit more distinctive; I can't say I've ever seen another dress quite like that one. I also think it will fit the vibe of your wedding better.
  • Why I can't see any pictures?
  • I think #2 fits you, the #1 is not wedding dress enough. 
  • These lace sleeves looks  beautiful and comfortable
  • Love the bottom one. 

  • I like the second one.
  • I like the top one.
  • I like the second dress - the first just looks like there is too much randomness to the lace embellishments.  
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