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Plus-size Bridesmaid Dress Issues


I have 5 bridesmaids of all different sizes.  I decided on a color (a very dark plum) which is only available by Bill Levkoff, a chiffon fabric, and floor length dresses allowing the maids to get the style of their choice.  My two plus size maids (my sisters) were not happy with not being able to try dresses on in their size.  They were able to try dresses on at Davids Bridal to get an idea of style they were comfortable in.  Now they are complaining about the designer not being plus size friendly and having size charts that are less friendly in proportions than others.  Dresses can be ordered in sizes 0 to 30. The size chart proportioms are within a half inch of Davids Bridal.  Some dresses are available up to a size 14-16 to try in store.  The two maids are larger than these sizes and will not order a dress without being able to try in their size. One of my maids has purchased a dress in the designer, color, fabric, and length of choice.   Any advice on how to proceed would be helpful.  

Re: Plus-size Bridesmaid Dress Issues

  • It is important for me for the dresses to be the same color(the top swatch in the pictures). The dark purple of other designers and stores are very different from the color of choice as seen with the two davids bridal swatches under the color choice.
  • You're expecting that your bridesmaids spend around $200 on a Bill Levkoff dress. It's not unreasonable of them to expect that they would get to try the dress on before picking a size and ordering the dress. And to PPs point, I would hope you would want your bridesmaids, supposedly your nearest and dearest, to feel comfortable and confident. 
  • Did you ask your sisters budgets before hand? I’d the Bill Levkoff dress is within their budget that’s one thing. I don’t thinks it’s unreasonable to try on a dress you’re spending money on before you buy it, especially if you get to pick your own style. If it’s outside of their budget you need to find another dress. 

    If one maid maid has already bought her dress that certainly complicates things. Is hers returnable? I don’t think the colors are all that different if your sisters need to get a dress in a different color. 
  • Not being able to try on bridesmaids dresses in your size is really a pretty standard thing. Any company where you’re ordering the dresses usually just sends a sample or two to the store just like a wedding dress. I’m a 16, and never get to try on. You just measure, order, and alter. 
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  • I do think color matching is very important. Maybe find a better brand online?
  • Seriously don't let the exact shade of purple get in the way of family relationships. Call your sisters, let this go. You messed up in not asking their budgets before choosing a dress. It will be the last thing anyone is noticing at your wedding.
  • Another option would be to pay for your BMs' dresses entirely, or at least pay the amount over-budget for each one, including the cost of alterations.  That is the only way you are going to get the dress you want--unless you cut your family out of your life, thereby "firing" them, and replace them with props who have higher budgets.  But remember that having someone in your WP is a way for YOU  to honor THEM, not the other way around.  Going into debt for you is not an honor.  Honestly, though, none of your guests will notice or care about your BM's dresses matching.  Their eyes will all be on you.
  • Then help your sis find the right size in other stores.
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    Has your bm paid for her dress or has she ordered and put down a deposit? 

    Did you discuss dress budget with each of your bm, privately, before you settled on the designer?

    You could give each bm the option of buying a BL or DB dress. Your bm who ordered the BL dress should be offered the same option. If she decides to go with DB, cancel her BL dress. If her deposit is non-refundable, you can put that amount toward her DB dress so she isn't out any money. 

    Google  'bridesmaids in shades of purple.' 

  • This is a question that pops up time after time again. You are not the first person. It's a moderating problem. Dont be upset on this. 
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